About Us

Italica Olive Oil is distributed by Purchase, New York-based Acesur North America, Inc., North America's largest importers, packers and distributors of olive oil and olives.

With millions of olive trees under cultivation, Spain is the largest producer of olives and olive oil in the world. Spain accounts for over 1/3 of world production, followed by Italy and Greece. The spread of healthier eating habits in the United States is fueling olive oil sales. Figures from the International Olive Oil Council, which is based in Madrid, show that annual world consumption of olive oil has increased in the last 15 years.

The exportation of Spain's olive oil has been an ongoing trade activity since the days of the Roman Empire. Italica Brand Olive Oil derives its name from the ancient Roman province of southern Spain called "Italica." Just as the Romans treasured the qualities of Spanish olive oil, so do the modern "Romans" who account for more than half of all Spanish exports of olive oil. Interestingly, much of the olive oil exported to the United States by Italy is re-packed Spanish olive oil.

Quality and innovation are a tradition nearly as old as the city of Italica itself.